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Reduce burnout, improve performance, and remove your blockers to well-being. Personalized digital therapy brought to you by Sunset Health

Burnout is everywhere

Driven by psychological and environmental factors, burnout is a highly complex presentation of exhaustion, fatigue, anxiety, depression, cynicism, and diminishing sense of self-efficacy


of employees report burnout impacting their performance

$ Billion

lost each year in medical and work-related costs


people in the US report seeking help for symptoms related burnout

Our industry leading platform

On-demand access to personalized therapy, anytime you need it

For individuals:

Improve your mental wellness and behavioral health

  • Access your blocker

    Validated assessments to pinpoint your stressors and stress levels

  • Focus on what matters

    Digestible and easy-to-use cognitive behavioral therapy right in your pocket

  • Take the actions that work

    Daily insights help you see and understand what’s working

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For corporate leaders:

Enhance your company culture, improve productivity, and mental resilience

  • Access your blocker

    First ever dynamic platform that is fully customizable

  • Focus on what matters

    Platform-based employee assistance, analytics, and validated assessments

  • Take the actions that work

    Robust anonymous analytic reporting

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A personalized therapeutic platform for everyone

Sunset personalizes a journey for each person and learns the links between their habits and feelings.

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Weekly Assessments

Identify how isolation and burnout impact you through weekly assessments

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Personalized Recovery Plan

Made of daily actions that have been clinically proven to reduce levels of stress and burnout while improving mental resilience

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Mood Tracker

Track how you feel daily across 15-dimensions of moods to see how your feelings change.

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Daily Check-ins & Goals

Quick and easy micro-journaling exercises for you to reflect on your progress

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Daily reminders help guide you through the recovery process, pushing you to stay on track and prepared for the day ahead

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Discover New Insights

Uncover what actions and exercises are helping you recover the most over time

Take the first step towards changing your mindset

Focus on what matters

Clinically derived assessments

Use our clinically backed assessments to get a snapshot of your burnout levels and mental wellbeing

Access your blocker

Your plan to overcome isolation and burnout

Your recovery plan is made of daily actions that help you feel better, personalized just for you

Take the actions that work

Learn what works for you

Get valuable insights on which actions and exercises made the biggest impact on you

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